Jenny’s Visit after her passing

5 Years ago I had to make the difficult decision to set my girl, Jenny, free.
She had intense seizures that gotten worse and worse as time progressed.  I tried to do everything I could to stop them and for her to be free of them.  I couldn’t.
After 14 months, I had to make the decision to let her go.



Two days after she had passed, I went down to the lake.  I just talked by the water,  and in this video I have also mentioned that I have asked her to let me know that she was ok.  I did get the message in a form of a blue jay as I have asked for the day after she was gone, however,  I had no idea at the time (until I watched this video on my computer) that she was  in this form with me at the lake.  I did feel her there, and after filming this, just before I got up, I found a little heart shaped rock.


Jenny had taught me a lot, and had encouraged me to develop and hone my capacities and gifts as an Animal Communicator/ Animal Intuitive and a Medium while alive and even more dynamically after her passing.

She has been visiting me for the past 5 years on and off, and so have many other Animal Friends.  One of their messages that they keep asking for me to share is :

Please know that your Animal Friends and Companion are with you.   There are there if you talk to them, they can hear you.

I know that for many people losing their Animal Friend/Companion is devastating, heart breaking,  gut wrenching and anxious experience.  Not having them with you and having other people around you not really getting the feelings, emotions and the sadness that you are going through can feel very lonely.

I was called upon by the Animal Friends whom have passed, to record a relaxation meditation . It is their and my gift to those of you who might feel pulled to it.  There are things we can’t explain in words, but we know them in our heart and in our gut.


I hope this will be a contribution to you and may you feel more ease.

With gratitude,



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